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    Compare these 3 cases

    Sure the three criminal cases illustrated below (videos) happened in different states, but ask yourself, should politicians control clemency after viewing these three cases.

    Update on Bobby Bostic case 2/15/2018


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    The mission of the citizens of the California Clemency Boards will be to, PUT THE JUSTICE SYSTEM BACK ON TRACK by reducing the prison population safely. 

    A certain kind of person will be sought, to take on this challenge and will be compensated for their service. These pre-screened individuals, will help save billions in taxpayer dollars while at the same time, recalibrate, if you will, the prison population by searching out those best suited for reentry into society. Their main focus will be to help for the quick release of those wrongly incarcerated.

    California Clemency Boards is in no way a "get out of jail free" card for those committed to living a life of crime. The pre-screening process will diligently find those with a great deal of commonsense, compassion and wisdom in dealing with all inmates and their claims of “I didn’t do it” or, “I’ve changed.”

    California Clemency Boards will empower the citizens, who vote and report for criminal as well as civil jury service, to decide who qualifies for early prison release in California under established guidelines. Citizens selected to sit on these boards, which will be in every one of the 58 counties of California, will work with, not against prison authorities, to create a safer, more manageable and smaller prison system.

    Innocent inmates who have DNA technology to present in a request for prison release will find that the citizens of their county clemency board will treat them as a top priority.

    In addition, citizens who sit on the California Clemency Boards will also have the power to release from their board, the naïve or gullible, who might slip through the initial pre-screening process, before any decision is made on the release of an inmate.