California Clemency Boards
Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 7:48AM
Allen Jones

California Clemency Boards is currently a pie in the sky idea that I created to address the issues of injustice in the California prison system. This includes but is not limited to prison overcrowding. The best feature is that it eliminates prison overcrowding permanently, saving billion without risking public safety.

California Clemency Boards could be described as real, power to the people. This would make it very dificult for overzealous prosecutions. It also contains chcks and balances against prison officials. Proven injustice on the part of the state, COULD LEAD TO THE RELEASE OF A PRISONER.

California Clemency, as I like to call it, is a 21st century clenemcy system that offers another opportunity to those who have done wrong and deserve to be given another chance in society, by the people of society. In addition, it is designed to help gain the release of innocent prisoners without having to navigate through the current appeals process, which can take years.

I claim that releasing nonviolent and non-serious offenders can be done safely. If we follow up a release, with proper rehabilitation and incentives, like an official pardon for those who have not returned to any prison of the United States for a certain amount of time. We could greatly reduce the current 70% recidivism in the state of California.

California Clemency streamlines the release process for those who are proven factually innocent before a board and not a court which can take years of appeals.

California Clemency has many benefits. Listed below are a few, however, no prisoner release program will work without a strong rehabilitation program.

1. Taking clemency powers from the governor, judges and the "3 Strikes law" sentencing and giving new clemency power to a county board of average citizens.

2. Save taxpayers of the State of California billions in incarceration cost.

3. Permanently eliminate prison overcrowding by monitoring prison levels and releasing nonviolent prisoners who qualify early to prevent unsafe prison population levels. 

4. Make the prison and parole system more effective in concentrating on the serious and violent offenders.  

5. Cause prosecutors to think twice before using their powers to abuse the justice system. 

6. Offer hope to those who have been wrongly convicted without going through the many years and layers of appeals. (Claifornia Clemency's highest priority)

7. Streamline the current humanitarian release program for terminally ill prisoners.

8. California Clemency can be modified for other states or federal use. Once congress sees its success I expect it to see a reluctanly congress create a new federal clemency system.

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