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Warning! This book contains adult homosexual material.

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    Compare these 3 cases

    Sure the three criminal cases illustrated below (videos) happened in different states, but ask yourself, should politicians control clemency after viewing these three cases.

    Update on Bobby Bostic case 2/15/2018


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    Public Policy Institute of California
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    What's Next?

    I am excited about the year 2013. I know, I know many say that at the end of a year.

    However, my reason for being excited is because I will be turning my attention to another project.

    In 2013 I will be helping young people get past the shame of being homosexual without having them sweat through the awkward "Come out" moment.

    My work on prison reform will take a backseat for 2013 but prison reform is the reason I am on this earth, so God willing, I will finish what I started on PRISON REFORM in 2014.

    This blog will be up for the entire year but I do not plan on doing much far as new post, until the year 2014.

    I love the challenge of sharing with young people the things I say God, has taught me about his love and acceptance and I love it more because I found it in the Holy Bible as well as personally experiencing it with the way God has treated me. (Click the book cover to your left)




    Respect Opinion of a Death Row Inmate

    I am 100% against the death penalty. However, when I read the piece below (click on the link) by Death Row inmate Kevin Cooper, I changed my opinion and vote on the upcoming Prop. 34 in California this November. I am now voting against Prop. 34, which is intended to end the death penalty in California.

    In my opinion, it is more inhumain to have prisoners live under current conditions, then putting them to death. And no I do not support building a new facility to house people we want to put to death.


    Advice to my College Bound Nephew

    My nephew just went off to college. Before he left, I had to give him some uncle advice, even though his parents did an excellent job of keeping him away from trouble, during his pre-adult years.

    I told him the true story below, which included a moral lesson.

    I was sitting in my truck in an alley and noticed this man come around the corner with a big box on his shoulder accompanied by the look of the “Cat that swallowed the canary.” 

    Right in the middle of the street and close to my truck he sets the box down and rips it open. Then he pulled out a four-pack roll of toilet paper and offered it to me. 

    With my doubting look, I asked him where he got the toilet paper as I reached out to feel the package. I was never tempted to take him up on his offer but I simply did not recognize the brand. 

    I am a Charmin kind of guy but this was much better then Charmin. I am telling you it was like cashmere. 

    I thought to myself, “So this is what rich folks be wiping their butts with.” 

    I was very impressed but again, never tempted to accept his offer, EVEN THOUGH, a thought of “Its only toilet paper” ran cross my mind. 

    He answered my question with, “I’m from Jersey.” 

    I didn’t know what that meant. I just asked him where he got it from again. He mumbled something else. 

    I then said, “No thank you, I don’t want anything that I think might have been taken from another.” 

    Moral of the story:

    I first told my nephew that I thought his parents did a great job keeping him out of juvenile hall but, beware of temptation.

    I said there might be times when life is a struggle. I gave emphasis to his time in college.    

    I then said, “If you’re tempted to do wrong or cross the line, don’t do it; even if it’s just to wipe your behind.”


    Soul Food Philosophy

    As a young man of 55, I am sharing a little of my philosophy that I do not believe you have heard. This short list of 21 are based on personal experiences. There is a true story behind everyone of them and some are told in my autobiography Case Game-Activating the Activist.

    My favorite is number 4. But please feel free to quote me on any of these sayings. 

    1. It is the responsibility of a civilized society to teach civility, not dictate it. 

    2. The difference between revenge and justice is, revenge is evil and justice is good. 

    3. A reject of man, is a project for God. 

    4. You can’t make it to heaven by raising hell on earth. 

    5. God made people not puppets. 

    6. You do not have to be an angel to do the right thing. 

    7. Give people more respect than they deserve and you will most likely stay above the nonsense. 

    8. If wisdom were a prison, only a fool would try to escape from it. 

    9. Apathy is the greatest sin committed against democracy. 

    10. It is both fortunate and unfortunate that we have commonsense to instruct us not to do things we have no sense doing in the first place. 

    11. If you don’t control yourself, someone else will. 

    12.  I have seen jealousy and envy marry; their first born was self-righteousness. 

    13. If kids are not afraid of asking questions about sex, adults should not be afraid of answering questions about sex. 

    14. Sometimes you can be so right about a particular matter it ends wrong because you didn’t handle the matter the right way. 

    15. In trying to get the most out of a person, remember that if you stretch a rubber band too much, it too will snap. 

    16. Celebrating differences and or diversity, a nation moves forward, simply criticize them; a nation cannot move forward.  

    17. You do your best and God will take care of the rest. 

    18. A setback is really a step forward for those who are determined. 

    19. If yesterday were a bull-riding competition, people reluctant to change would have taken home all the ribbons. 

    20. You don’t need a scandalous mind, in order to make a dime. 

    21. Be a part of this community, don’t tear this community apart. (I have also inserted city or country when calling for unity)


    Homeless until real Prison Reform