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    Compare these 3 cases

    Sure the three criminal cases illustrated below (videos) happened in different states, but ask yourself, should politicians control clemency after viewing these three cases.

    Update on Bobby Bostic case 2/15/2018


    SF Bayview Newspaper

    Public Policy Institute of California
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    Send message to Badges for Brains type policing  

    On December 2, 2015, Gwendolyn Woods lost her son due to badges for brains violence.
    If Gwen Woods would give her blessing to the idea of renaming the Bayview Police Station, Mario Woods Police Station it would send a nation wide statement against police brutality. 
    ​Simply put, if police don't respect Black lives, we can honor victims of some of the most heinous acts by police until they learn to value and respect life as we all believe they should.
    Mario Woods was not just a suspect in a stabbing he was a troubled young man. It is the troubled young man who I would like to see honored with more than a "Mario Woods Day" which is how the SF Board of Supervisors best felt he should be remembered.

    Don't Judge this book by its Cover

    Oakland Post News Group Op-Ed

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    Empathy's Wake up Call to Injustice

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    Clean Slate 15th Anniversary

    As reported by Mike Aldex of the San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco is doing something right and has been for years. It is no wonder the county jails run by San Francisco are not overcrowded.

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    Bayard Rustin honored by President Obama on the 50th anniversary of "I Have a Dream."